“Springhill” is a FDOT facility located on Springhill Road in southwest Tallahassee, FL and used as the headquarters for the TRIPS Program. Every vehicle ordered through TRIPS passes through Springhill where it is given a detailed final inspection before delivery to the procuring agency. Any defects identified are required to be repaired by the responsible Contract Dealer prior to “Acceptance” by the procuring agency.

Springhill is manned by three TRIPS Supervisor Technicians who, in addition to inspections, provide agencies and their fleet managers with technical assistance on fleet issues and undiagnosed fleet problems. Also part of the Supervisor Technician responsibilities are to research new products, develop Performance Standards that are included in new contract technical specifications and assist Engineers in conducting Crash-testing Worthiness of cutaway vehicles. This effort is to improve the vehicle technical specifications to provide safer passenger compartment construction.

To contact call (850) 921-7373; Fax (850) 921-7374; or Email at trips@cutr.usf.edu