Below is a listing of all active contracts available through the FDOT TRIPS Program for the purchase of new transit vehicles. The Auto and Light Truck contract can be found at The Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) website. Some new types of vehicles have entered the community transportation market in the last few years. They generally fall into the following categories of expected minimum life of service years and mileage:

4 Years and 100,000 miles 5 Years and 200,000 miles 7 Years and 250,000 miles 10 Years and 350,000 miles
TRIPS-19-MV (Minivan)  TRIPS-MD-17 (Medium Duty)
  TRIPS-22-CA-MB-LF (Standard Cutaway, Transit Minibus, and Low Floor Cutaway)   
Advanced Public Transportation Systems    
APTS-21-S (Transit Software, Services, Advanced Technology)