As requested forms and regulations are brought to our attention, they will be posted here.

  • Post-Delivery Certifications: The Federal Transit Administration requires that grant recipients verify certain information prior to awarding a contract for rolling stock, i.e. vehicles. These are Pre-Award Certifications. We have done these for you and they can be downloaded from each contract page. The FTA also mandates that the purchaser verifies information after delivery and prior to the title transferring ownership. These are Post-Delivery Certifications. The FVPP Inspectors will fill these out at the Springhill inspection facility and forward them with your vehicle. These must be kept on file for all vehicles purchased through the FVPP.

  • Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) Chapter 14-90: These rules provide the minimum equipment and operational safety standards for all governmentally owned bus transit systems and privately owned or operated bus transit systems operating in this state which are financed wholly or partly by State funds; all bus transit systems designated as a Community Transportation Coordinator pursuant to Chapter 427, Florida Statutes; and all privately owned or operated bus transit systems under contract with any of the aforementioned systems.